Bathtub and more for the Baby Shower

Bathtub and more for the Baby Shower

The bath is given, baby is clean as a new penny. Now you need to dry it so that it does not catch cold.

Again, several options are available to you:

  • The robes pack and play with changing table, similar to our great towels and available in standard or maxi,
  • The hooded towels, which provide a small cap to keep warm baby from head to toe.

Good to know: Never rub baby with a towel. Instead, try blotting it gently. This will avoid irritating his skin. But there are more baby shower gifts you can opt for.

Best Baby Bathtubs

Several types of games are available depending on the baby’s age:

  • From 6 months babyjourney, we recommend small figurines that fill and empty with water: the “squirt” toys. This will have the merit of fascinating baby and will also allow you to rinse him more easily.
  • From 9 months old, you can opt for small angling games or soft balls.
  • From 1 year old, the floating toys will be perfect for babies who will try to catch them and will not be frustrated at not succeeding.
  • From the age of 2, you can also try the waterproof bath books which allow you to tell a story to baby without worrying about damaging the paper on the pages.

Good to know:

Remember to clean and dry the toys and the bathtub thoroughly after each bath to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold.

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When to give a baby a bath?

It is possible to bathe your baby from birth. For the frequency, there is no contraindication: it is possible to give your baby a bath daily, especially if he enjoys this moment with you. However, as long as the baby does not walk, he does not sweat and gets dirty very little (except during meals or if it is very hot). A bath every two or three days can be enough. In any case, it is essential to clean baby’s face and hands frequently (after meals, for example) and his genitals and buttocks as soon as you change his diaper.

When it comes to the ideal time of day for the bath, the answer is simple: there isn’t one, it depends a lot on your baby. For some, this can be an opportunity to calm tensions and evening tears, for example.

The moment of the bath should be a moment of softness and sharing with your child. Allow enough time to avoid the emergency, which will only stress you and baby.

Important: never leave your child alone in his bath, even if he is already seated or if he is 2 or 3 years old. A child can drown silently and even in 20 centimeters of water.

There are different types of tubs. Which one should you choose for your baby? It depends on whether you have a cramped or spacious bathroom, a bathtub or a shower, a newborn or a bigger baby. Discover below some very practical solutions for the baby bath.

The size of your bathroom

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can opt for a changing table with a bathtub or a separate bathtub that you can easily store away. Especially in more confined spaces, a small separate tub that you can put in the large tub is very practical.