Six Simple Steps For Amazing Hair

Taking care of your hair, either your natural hair or your human hair lace wigs, is vital to how you view yourself. The better you take care of your hair the better you will feel about yourself. However, taking proper care of your hair can be rather overwhelming, especially if you look at all of the products in the hair care aisle. With all of these choices it is hard to decide what you should use, let alone how you should use it!

If you want the most sought after hair, simply follow these six simple steps.

Step One: Hair Style

In order to have amazing hair you need to have the right style for you. Certain styles work better on certain face shapes, choosing the right one for you makes all the difference in the world. No matter how tempting it might be do not cut corners when it comes to getting your hair cut, DO NOT do it yourself. Something else to remember is that spending a few extra dollars on your cut is worth it, the good ones still look good even as they are growing out!

Step Two: Keep It Clean

Clean hair is vital to healthy hair. Regular shampooing of the hair is required to keep it clean. In addition to keeping it clean, it also needs to stay soft, dry & brittle hair should always be avoided. Keeping the hair soft is done through regular conditioning, as well as deep conditioning. What shampoo and conditioner you use will depend on the condition of your natural hair, but also will vary whether you are wearing a lace wig or not. Not all shampoos and conditioners are safe to use on human hair lace wigs!

Step Three: Styling Products

A big question is on whether or not styling products are good to use on your hair. Like many other things, they can be used, but you want to do so in moderation. Styling products when used in moderation and when used correctly only add to an amazing style! Using too much of any styling product can cause unsightly build up, but can also increase the odds of dry & brittle hair. Remember it is easy to add more than to take some away!

Step Four: Going Natural

Working with your natural hair is always best. Try to avoid heated styling tools, styling products, and other harsh chemicals all of those things end up causing more harm than good. Instead, go with your natural look or find an alternative method to styling, such as foam rollers.

Step Five: Regular Trims

While getting your hair cut and styled is important, so are regular trims. Cutting off the bottom half an inch every four to six weeks prevents the damage from spreading up the hair shaft. However, people with healthy hair do not need to trim it that often, look at the ends of the hair to determine when they need to be trimmed. Let your hair be your guide!

Step Six: Eat Right

You are what you eat takes on new meaning when it comes to your hair. Eating a well-balanced diet is the best way to promote healthy hair, but you want to pay close attention to certain nutrients. Protein and Omega-3 fats are vital for healthy hair; protein allows your hair to grow in healthy, while Omega-3 fats prevent dryness. Meat is a great source of protein, while fatty fish and nuts are an amazing source of Omega-3 fats.