Hair Extensions – Are They Really A Dangerous Trend?

Many ladies consider the saying “no ache no gain,” however even greater they use it on splendor. Whether its there lengthy, flowing locks, their flawlessly pluck eyebrows, or maybe tattooed eye liner, it appears all ladies are paying a painful fee to appearance beautiful.

Hair extensions are one of the maximum famous splendor tendencies proper now. Everywhere you appearance you spot celebrities sporting hair extensions, whether or not it’s far in a mag or at the pink carpet. People see celebrities sporting hair extensions, each efficaciously and unsuccessfully, and that they suppose whats up this is fantastic I must be doing that. Hair extensions will provide me the lengthy, flowing locks that I need with out the hassle of developing out my hair.

With increasingly humans choosing hair extensions to create the seems they need, it leaves us with the question “Are hair extensions a risky splendor trend?”

Some will argue that hair extensions are risky for a few ladies, in specially ones with an underlying scientific circumstance like anemia or ladies who’ve skinny or vulnerable hair already. However, in line with severa stylist and others who help hair extensions, they’re now no longer a risky splendor trend. These advocates declare that hair extensions aren’t risky so long as they’re well carried out and worn correctly! It is once they were improperly carried out or now no longer looked after that issues run rampant.

Women who’ve worn hair extensions for too lengthy or who’ve now no longer maintained them thoroughly frequently locate their personal hair thinning, in a few instances little bald spots will appear, that is commonly precipitated from the extensions being too heavy and that reasons pulling at the roots!

If you’re thinking about hair extensions make certain your stylist is informed approximately them. This guarantees you may get the proper extensions to your hair primarily based totally for your hair type!